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Certified Organic Wheat Flour online in Chandigarh

The Indian subcontinent experiences one of the most diverse weather, which makes it an ideal place to grow a large number and variety of foods. We Indians, get our energy largely from the carbohydrates, which we mostly get from the cereals, like rice, wheat, barley, corn, and their derivatives. Constituting the major part of our meals, these foods are termed as staple foods. Wheat flour flatbread, called ‘chapati’ or ‘roti’ in India, makes the major portion of our plates. Organic wheat flour is not a new concept and is frequently used by people who are concerned about their health, losing weight, performing in athletic activities, and more.

The green revolution made the farmers, and the food growers more efficient in yielding a larger lot of crops. The use of advanced equipment, machinery, chemical fertilizers, and pesticide not only increased productivity but also made the crops more resistant to diseases. But this came with a price. In the rush of increasing productivity with chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides, we spoiled the quality and fertility of the soil. The land became more acidic or alkaline, the friendly insects vanished, and this all left the agricultural fields barren. This ultimately gave rise to the need for organic farming, which was free from the use of chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers, and only used bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides.

This inspired us to found Chandigarh Organics, with the sole intent of the well being of the community. We are now one of the leading and most trusted suppliers of a wide range of organic fruits, organic dry fruits, wild honey, and organic staple foods including organic wheat, organic wheat flour, organic rice, and many different foods.

We offer the best quality and certified organic wheat flour online. High quality and nutritious organic wheat, from the freshly harvested crops, are milled at our milling units. This freshly milled flour is then packed in air sealed packets in our environment-controlled facility and stored. Chandigarh Organics are the dealers of certified organic wheat flour and other products. This makes us a reliable and trusted online supplier of organic foods online in the Tricity and across India.

We have an efficient online ordering system, which you can use to order certified organic wheat flour at your doorsteps. A number of different payment options make the process of check-out easy and fast. As soon as we have received your order, and processed the same, your product is ready for dispatch, and you get your product in the least time possible. For Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula we have a free-shipping facility (T&C Apply).

In the fast-paced life of the modern-day world, the least we can do to keep our bodies healthy is to use healthy and chemical-free organic food products. At Chandigarh Organics, we understand this and provide you the best quality organic wheat flour that you can find online today. Try now!

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